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Entity Address

*Note - first known date can not be a date after the end of the last accounting period. In this case the company does not have a direct or ultimate parent because there is yet no consolidation in the financial accounts. Please check above “I do not have a direct/ultimate parent.” or a reporting exception “Does not consolidate” Thank you!

*Note - first known date can not be a date after the end of the last accounting period. In this case the company does not have a direct or ultimate parent because there is yet no consolidation in the financial accounts. Please check above “I do not have a direct/ultimate parent.” or a reporting exception “Does not consolidate” Thank you!

For example Certificate of Incorporation, GST REG-06 with annexure B, IEC details. Copy of a PAN card is mandatory for Partnership firms, Trusts, Societies, and HUF.


Legal Entity Identifier registration - Apply for a LEGAL ENTITY IDENTIFIER for 1 year
Legal Entity Identifier registration - Apply for a LEGAL ENTITY IDENTIFIER for 3 years
Legal Entity Identifier registration - Apply for a LEGAL ENTITY IDENTIFIER for 5 years

Renewal cost of the Legal Entity Identifier from ₹ 3180 (₹ 4350 for 1 year).

* Prices shown are without GST. 18% GST applies under the GST regulations.
** The invoice will be sent after the assignment of the Legal Entity Identifier

1 Private Limited/LLP/Limited Certificate of Incorporation/ GST Certificate/ IEC Certificate CIN/ LLPIN/ GSTN/ IEC Code
2 Trust Trust Deed and Board Resolution/ GST Certificate/ NGO Darpan Certificate GSTN/ NGO Darpan Unique ID
3 Proprietorship IEC Certificate/ GST Certificate/ Udyam Registration Certificate – Any 2 IEC CODE/ GSTN/ Udyam Registration Number
4 Bank GST Certificate/ Board resolution/ Registration Certificate GSTN
5 Partnership IEC Certificate/ GST Certificate/ Partnership Deed/ Udyam Registration Certificate – Any 2 IEC CODE/ GSTN/ Udyam Registration Number
6 Fund Board Resolution and Trust Deed
Others: Any document proving the entity name, entity address and authorised signatory name will suffice

Who needs a Legal Entity Identifier?


Legal entity identifier (LEI) is mandatory for transactions in interest rate, forex and credit derivative market. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also made LEI compulsory for companies and organisations having aggregate fund-based and non-fund based exposure of credit over RS 5 crore.


Schedule for implementation of LEI for large corporate borrowers (according to Reserve Bank of India)

Total Exposure to SCBs To be completed by
Above ₹25 crore April 30, 2023
Above ₹10 crore, up to ₹25 crore April 30, 2024
₹5 crore and above, up to ₹10 crore April 30, 2025

Schedule for Implementation of LEI in the Money market, G-sec market and Forex market

Phase Net Worth of Entities Proposed deadline
Phase I above Rs.10000 million April 30, 2019
Phase II between Rs.2000 million and Rs 10000 million August 31, 2019
Phase III up to Rs.2000 million Extended from March 31 2020 to September 30 2020


Legal entity identifier will help banks and credit providers in monitoring the exposure of corporate borrowers. It will prevent banks from issuing multiple loans against the same collateral. Companies can order LEI from any Local Operating Unit or use the help of service providers such as Registration Agents. LEI KART™  is an LEI Registration Agent. Our main task is to help companies in India to apply for an LEI  in a prompt and easy way.

Application for a Legal Entity Identifier


The application for a legal entity identifier is a simple three-step process.

1. Fill in all the blanks in the Legal Entity Identifier registration form above.
2. Submit your LEI registration application and pay with Netbanking, Bank transfer, Credit card or Razorpay.
3. Your data will be processed and the legal entity identifier sent to you by e-mail.

Your Legal Entity Identifier application will be sent for data validation as soon as you have submitted the payment. In 90% of the cases, you will receive your legal entity identifier within 1-24 hours*.

*during weekdays


The Legal Entity Identifier is a global 20-character alphanumeric code for identifying legal entities. Each LEI is unique: it is assigned to each legal entity once and may not be assigned to any other entity. The LEI is an exclusive identifier, as each legal person is only issued a single LEI. The Legal Entity Identifier does not replace the national registry code of a company.

The LEI connects a legal entity to its key reference information (name, location, etc.). The LEI enables identifying legal entities participating in global financial markets for various supervisory purposes.

For example, LEIs are already being used under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) for identifying counterparties to over-the-counter derivatives’ transactions. On 1 November 2017, with the application of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2017/105, using an LEI was made mandatory for reporting all derivatives’ transactions.

Since 1 January 2017, all issuers have been required to have an Legal Entity Identifier for improving access to regulatory information.

Since 3 January 2018, LEIs have been used in reporting the securities’ transactions of investment service providers to supervisory authorities for identifying customers that are legal entities. These transaction reports are used for identifying and investigating market abuse as well as for monitoring transactions and the activities of investment service providers on securities’ markets. The format of the report is established by an implementing regulation of the European Commission.

Since 3 January 2018, legal entities are required to have a Legal Entity Identifier if they carry out transactions either in a trading venue (regulated market, multilateral trading facility, etc.) or outside a trading venue in connection with securities which are admitted to trading or traded on a trading venue or for which a request for admission to trading has been made, as well as securities where the underlying is a security traded on a trading venue or an index or basket composed of securities traded on a trading venue.

Investment service providers must request customers that are legal entities to provide all information which is necessary for submitting information about transactions to supervisory authorities. Such information includes Legal Entity Identifier.

If a customer who is a legal entity does not provide the investment service provider with the necessary information, including an LEI, for reporting a security transaction, the service provider will not be able to fulfil their legal reporting obligation. Consequently, the investment service provider may refuse to provide the service.

Legal Entity Identifier applications may be submitted to authorised LEI operators. LEIs are issued by LOUs (Local Operating Units). Assistance in applying for an LEI code may be received from official and non-official registration agents.

Banks and investment service providers verify the validity of LEIs from the GLEIF database. As GLEIF performs database updates once per day, the LEI issued to you will be listed in the database on the following day from 14.00 CEST. For example, if your LEI was issued today, it will be listed in the global database tomorrow from 14.00 (CEST).
The validity and information related to an Legal Entity Identifier can be checked from the website of the umbrella association at www.gleif.org. You can also check the validity of your Legal Entity Identifier by using our search box.

GLEIF is an international organisation which is responsible for the functioning of the Legal Entity Identifier system and for monitoring LEI issuers. The headquarters of GLEIF are located in Basel, Switzerland. The website of GLEIF can be found at www.gleif.org

An LOU or Local Operating Unit is an organisation that has been authorised by GLEIF to issue LEI codes. LOUs work closely with registration agents, who help organisations apply for LEI codes. A list of LOUs can be found here.

A registration agent is a company or organisation that provides assistance in applying for Legal Entity Identifier codes. For a detailed overview of registration agents, see here.

LEI Kart is an LEI registration agent.

LEIs are universal codes and are not tied to any specific country. Each LOU has its own identifier, which is contained in the first four numbers of the LEI. LEIs are valid worldwide regardless of the LOU that issued the code.

Renewing the Legal Entity Identifier is necessary to ensure that all information about the company connected to the LEI is up to date. To ease the administrative burden on companies and organisations, LEI Kart allows paying for multiple annual renewals. In this case, the LEI Kart takes it upon itself to verify the information upon renewal of the LEI for the designated period. Information updates are performed on the basis of official registry data.

LEI Kart normally issues your Legal Entity Identifier within 1–24 hours from the moment of payment for the application (if the company submits any necessary additional documents promptly).

Legal Entity Identifier codes are issued for a fee and an annual maintenance fee must be paid for the renewal of the code.

The price list of LEI Kart is available here.

To fulfil their reporting obligation, investment service providers need their customers that are legal entities to have a valid LEI. Before carrying out any securities’ transactions, investment service providers verify the existence of a valid LEI.

LEI Next Renewal Date:
Your LEI is currently being managed by [current_lou]. Please note that we can only renew your LEI if it is under our management. To proceed with the LEI renewal we first need to transfer your LEI to our Partner LOU, RapidLEI. RapidLEI is a GLEIF accredited LEI issuer. Please use the transfer form to transfer the LEI, then we can help with the renewal.
Your LEI is currently being managed by [current_lou]. You are about to transfer your LEI under LEI Kart management. To complete the process we need to transfer your LEI to our Partner LOU, RapidLEI. RapidLEI is a GLEIF accredited LEI issuer. Please choose below between a regular transfer (LEI will not be renewed) or a transfer with LEI renewal.

What is the difference between an LEI transfer and LEI renewal?

LEI renewal is an annual update of the registration data related to the Legal Entity in the GLEIF database. The data related to the entity has to be updated at least once a year.

LEI transfer is the movement of the LEI code from one service provider to another. The LEI is transferrable to ensure the client has a choice between the service providers. If the client is not happy with the fees, service or data quality it can move the LEI to another LEI issuer (LOU). In the process of transfer the LEI number does not change. It is a back-end process which is not visible to end customers. All the LEI codes are valid in every jurisdictions. Investment service providers can not differentiate the LEI numbers according to the LOU.

LEI Kart offers a transfer service with an LEI renewal to ensure the highest level of data accuracy.
To continue with the renewal we first need to transfer your LEI, please use the LEI transfer form to continue with the renewal.
Dear customer, Your LEI is currently being managed by our partner LOU RapidLEI, but not under our management as a Registration Agent. We appreciate your interest in our service but unfortunately can not currently support your entity. To renew your LEI, please contact RapidLEI directly at support@rapidlei.com or visit their partner site to find your local partner. Thank you for understanding! LEI Kart Support Team
Dear customer, You currently have a valid contract with us for LEI code [lei]. The contract is valid until [paid_until]. This means we will take care of the annual LEI renewals for you until [paid_until]. Your can check your LEI data here: [leicert_link] If you need to update your LEI details or have any questions, please contact us at [site_email].
Do you agree with the transfer and continue to renew the LEI with the same application?
You are about to complete the LEI transfer application. As a final confirmation we need to make sure that you have on purpose selected LEI transfer without data renewal. Would you would still like to renew your LEI with the transfer ?