We’re committed to making it easy for everyone to adopt LEIs. That’s why we’re offering a free digital certificate to all, regardless of whether your LEI is registered with us or not. Simply search for your company name in the search box above and receive your certificate within minutes. Plus, get a complimentary website tag to showcase your company’s commitment to compliance.
Get your free certificate today at LEI Kart.

  • Your company's global identity certificate
  • Based on LEI, an international ISO standard
  • Makes bank's, broker's, etc compliance requirements easier
  • Build trust in the eyes of your customers and partners with LEI Certificate*
  • Display information about your company on your website with an LEI Tag
  • A Direct link between LEI Tag and your electronic LEI Certificate
  • Just copy our code snippet to your header to easily show the LEI Tag on your website
  • You can also order a paper certificate to your office

What is an LEI Certificate?

An LEI Certificate is a document containing your company's details based on a legal entity identifier (LEI), which adheres to the international standard (ISO 17442) and is supported by G20 nations. The LEI aims to standardize information regarding legal entities around the globe. 

LEI Kart maintains reliable data on all published LEIs across the globe. Our database operates on a global LEI standard and contains accurate, verified information that is updated through an annual renewal process. You will receive an electronic document via email, and if needed, you can request a physical certificate (A4 hard copy). We will deliver it to you within fifteen business days.

Why should I get an LEI Certificate?

It's quite common for banks, brokers, etc to request your LEI or evidence of it when opening an account or conducting a financial transaction. In these instances, the LEI Certificate proves valuable. You can send an electronic LEI Certificate to the onboarding team via email or upload it to your bank account or trading platform. Additionally, we offer a physical paper certificate that can be ordered for your office.

LEIs are mandated for any legal entity that regularly engages in financial transactions, such as purchasing stocks, bonds, and other securities. Some jurisdictions also require legal entities to acquire an LEI for easy identification. Various industries now also require obtaining an LEI.

What is an LEI Tag?

The LEI Tag serves as an informative resource that can be showcased on your website to indicate the legal entity behind the site. Visitors can click on the LEI Tag to view basic details such as the complete legal entity name and address. Upon clicking the LEI Tag again, a new tab will launch, directing users to your company's LEI Certificate page on the LEI Kart website, which contains comprehensive information based on your LEI. Discover how to implement it to your website by following the instructions below.

Why should I get an LEI Tag?

In certain countries, it is mandatory to show your company name on your organization's website. While it may not be required on every page, it should be readily available for visitors to verify the legal entity behind the site. In other countries, displaying your company name might not be obligatory, but it is a beneficial practice for fostering trust among your website's visitors, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement. The presence of an LEI Tag also signals that your company possesses an active LEI code, further enhancing its credibility.

Can I display this information myself or use some other trust mark?

Many companies offering trust marks do not consistently verify your information beyond the initial application. If you fail to renew your LEI and Certificate each year, your LEI Certificate and Tag will show an "Inactive" status, indicating that your information has expired. However, if you do update, we will review your information, confirm it with your local business registry, and display an "Active" status.

While you can present all this information on your own, having an LEI Tag on your website signifies that you've taken an extra step to validate your information through a global standard like LEI (ISO 17442). Your information is public, and you possess an LEI Certificate. The LEI Tag directly connects to your LEI Certificate, allowing you to showcase it to your customers and foster greater trust.


Prices for the LEI Certificate + Tag


Years LEI LEI Certificate + Tag Certificate hard copy
1 ₹3990 +₹0 +₹999
3 ₹10950 +₹0 +₹1799
5 ₹16900 +₹0 +₹2499

How to implement the LEI Tag on your website?

Here is an Html script snippet that you would have to copy-paste to the <head> of your website.
Replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the LEI code of your company:

<script src="https://ka.leikart.com/leitag.js?lei=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"></script>

To get the dark blue version of the LEI Tag instead of the lighter white version, use the color=dark attribute:

<script src="https://ka.leikart.com/leitag.js?color=dark&lei=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"></script>

After that, the clickable LEI Tag with valid information about your LEI and company will appear in the bottom-right corner of your website.


One easy solution would be to install for example the Insert Headers and Footers plugin to allow easy copy-pasting on script snippets to your website. Follow the instructions on how to install the plugin and copy-paste the LEI Tag snippet to the header box in the WordPress admin. You could also add it as custom code if you have developed custom plugins on your website.

WPCode – Insert Headers and Footers + Custom Code Snippets – WordPress Code Manager


Basically the same approach as mentioned for WordPress, but for Drupal, is to use the Header and Footer Scripts module:



You can basically google "adding javascript" and your platforms or frameworks name to see some tutorials on how to embed the script. The required web development hours should most likely not exceed 15 to 30 minutes.